Again let’s picture a disorganised kitchen.

Less messy this time because they cleaned as they cooked. But what’s this? The dish rack. Everything in it is clean but it’s disorganised, some items are turned upwards so water just pools… just not a good look. Not just the dish rack either.

Ever see those ads for tupperware?
The tubs neatly stacked like a translucent plastic tower?
The covers placed perfectly to the side, one tub filled with food to an appropriate height?
That never happens! Raise your hand if you have a box, drawer, or section of cupboard, filled with containers in disarray. Tubs with missing tops. Tops for missing containers. Take-out containers accumulated from all “last” times you’ll get take-out for the year. This same box/drawer/cupboard might be the one you dread opening for fear of its contents spilling out. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Stacking is the skill everyone should know! There’s a 99% chance we learned this as children. Biggest thing at the bottom, then you add the next biggest and so on so it forms a pyramid of stability.

But Rob, how is that helpful for wet dishes? Won’t water just pool at the bottom? Good question, that is why you INVERT it. Smallest item at the bottom, then you build your upside down pyramid where all the water drains away. If you can tilt all the items up to 90 degrees then it would be even better. That is the purpose of the slats on your dish rack, duh!