Cover photo for French Toast Diaries posts

It has been a month and a half since I had this French Toast. If this was 1.5 months ago, I would be able to tell you the same things about this French Toast as I will now… which is not much. This one is forgettable, and they only have me a small ketchup squeeze baggie of syrup. Seriously. I could have asked for more, yes, but that is not the point. The pat of butter was left on the toast for a bit longer since I was finishing up a normal meal before I got to it. If not for the picture, I would not have remembered that there was peanut butter.

French toast on plate with packet of syrup.
Sad packet of syrup, beside am equally sad melting pat of butter upon a sad French toast.
French Toast cut opened revealing its contents.
Kill me now, it whispered.

Cost: 35ish, with a drink
Location: (link)
Kong Fai Restaurant
G/F, Convex Building, 388-390 Portland Street, Prince Edward